What is Infraspeak's uptime?
We ensure 99,99% of uptime. You can check real-time updates on the apps uptime here. 
How do I report a problem or get in touch with Infraspeak?
Whether you need support related to our product or to one of our Integrations, want to report a bug, or simply wish to leave us your comments and suggestion...
How can I fix and re-sync the Infraspeak Technician app?
Resyncing and fixing the Infraspeak Technician mobile app is important and you should do it every so often, because it will clear the cache (unnecessary sto...
How can I reset my Password?
To reset your Infraspeak password, go to https://direct.infraspeak.com/password/recover. Input the email address corresponding to your Infraspeak account, a...
How many photos can I upload in a work order?
There is no limit as to how many photos you can upload in a Work Order.  Bear in mind, though, that the file size must not exceed 200MB.
Can I upload videos on work orders? How long can they be?
Yes, you can upload videos on Work Orders (check how here).  The file size cannot exceed 200MB.
Why can't I see tasks on an Asset?
Summary 1. Tasks are only shown when the scheduled work status is running 2. Tasks only exists on assets (locations or equipment) 3. Users can...
Why can't I see a planned job?
Summary If your user can’t see a scheduled work on his agenda you’re reading the correct article Usually this happens due to: Planned Jobs setting...
Where can I find Infraspeak's Training Manuals?
You can find a detailed onboarding plan and a training manual for Technicians here.
How can I change my timezone?
To change your own timezone, open Infraspeak web and click on your initials/profile picture at the top right corner to open your Account Details. Under &quo...