1. Tasks are only shown when the scheduled work status is running

2. Tasks only exists on assets (locations or equipment)

3. Users can only see tasks compatible with their technical skill

Step by Step

1. Check for the scheduled work status:

  • Select the Planned Jobs page

  • Go to the “Running” works tab by selecting Active Planned Jobs on the Menu at the top of the screen

  • Search for the planned job and make sure it’s running

2. Check for the task list on the planned job:

  • Open the active planned job with the problem

  • Navigate to assets and open the tasks list

- If no assets are available on the list, make sure you have assets on the target location(s)
- If no tasks are available, make sure the intervention has tasks.

3. Check for user’s technical skill:

  • Select the Administration page

  • Go to Users

  • Choose and edit the user facing the issue

  • Navigate to the technical specialities box

  • Add the technical skill needed to execute the tasks