In this article, we'll cover the most common questions when connecting a supplier. 


1. My supplier can't connect. Now what? 

When connecting, your supplier is facing an issue? Is it any of the below? Keep reading as we may have answers for you! 

1.1 The email already exists in Infraspeak 

Connections can be established between two current Infraspeak clients, or from a client which has one or more suppliers not currently using Infraspeak. Both models are supported, with the second one additionally needing the creation of an account, with a simpler interface where suppliers can execute orders and respond to Quote Requests, for example. 

Please try using another email address or contact us :) 

1.2 The invite was already accepted

If the invite has already been accepted by your supplier, ask them to login using their details! The connection should be established. 

1.3 The platform encountered a problem and stopped working

This can happen due to some temporary constraints, mostly caused by cache. Try clearing your cache and cookies!

For these, and other issues, please contact our Customer Care team