• About Infraspeak platform — SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • How do we manage suggestions
    • New features
    • Feature enhancements
  • Help us understand and decide
  • The stages of suggestion management


This policy is intended to provide information to all clients regarding our suggestion policy. It should be understood that the content of this policy does not imply any form of commitment or obligation on the part of Infraspeak or the client. Furthermore, it is explicitly stated that this policy does not supersede the terms outlined in the signed contract, Infraspeak's Terms and Conditions, negotiated commercial proposals or any other policies.

Any information provided by the client will be considered a "suggestion", according to the terms set forth in this policy. Infraspeak reserves the right to use this information. It is important to note that the client is not entitled to any form of payment or penalty in relation to the use of the provided information.

This policy does not apply to bugs and support. Find more about those policies here: Bug fixing policy & SLAs; Customer support policy & SLAs.

1. About our platform - Infraspeak, a SaaS

Infraspeak operates as a Software as a Service platform. As a result, any modifications made to Infraspeak will be automatically applied across all of our clients' platforms.

Each client's Infraspeak is customisable. Users can connect or disconnect the apps, add-ons and integrations available on Infraspeak HUB™, thereby creating a unique and tailored workspace. This approach ensures that our platform will seamlessly adapt to the unique needs and requirements of each operation.

2. How do we manage suggestions

We want to gather as much feedback as possible. We’re constantly seeking ways to have a positive impact on our clients and the world! With this in mind, we actively encourage you to share your thoughts, provide feedback, and make suggestions. (Don’t hold anything back!)

To better cater to our clients' needs, we begin by categorising all collected feedback into two main categories — new features and feature enhancements, which we’ll explain further below. Once the suggestions are sorted, we move forward into analysing each one, taking into consideration our internal criteria, and answering questions such as — Is it aligned with our platform? Is it in line with our vision? How does it impact our clients?

After our analysis, two possible scenarios may unfold:

  1. The suggestion is valid and fits nicely into the platform as a whole, but it does not impact a substantial number of users. (This will move the suggestion to the ‘Gathering Interest’ state — we’ll talk about it later)
  2. The suggestion is valid and fits nicely into the platform as a whole and it has already been suggested by a substantial number of users/clients. (This will move the suggestion to the ‘Waiting Development’ state — we’ll talk about this one later too)

2.1 New features

We classify as new features all significant developments, mainly designed to address a whole new and specific problem (often with a considerable complexity level). If you visit the Apps & Add-ons tab, on Infraspeak HUB™, you can check and connect these features.

If you’re considering suggesting a new feature, please have a take at our Product Roadmap. It provides a clear overview of our agenda and the features planned for development, and — the best part — you can comment on the features and share valuable insights on the ones that interest you the most. Check the Product Roadmap now.

Alternatively to the Product Roadmap, you can share your thoughts and suggestions directly on our platform through the ‘Help and Support’ section (upper right corner) or via Infraspeak Academy™ ('Support & Feedback' section).

2.2 Feature enhancements

These are the “small” developments or tweaks we apply to existing features.

Example of an enhancement request: "Please add a client filter to the Planner app".

If you’re ever in need of a feature enhancement or improvement, don’t hesitate to suggest it! Let us know about it through the ‘Help and Support’ section of our platform (on the upper right corner) or via Infraspeak Academy™ ('Support & Feedback' section).

3. Help us understand and decide

To help us make an informed decision, please consider the following steps:

  1. Provide context. Share relevant details about the problem you are facing. Help us understand the situation with a clear description of the issue and specific challenges.
  2. How are you doing it at the moment? Tell us how you’re currently tackling the issue (if you have any current solution or workaround).
  3. Help us visualise it. If you can, include screenshots, drawings, diagrams, or any other visual aids that can help us understand the solution you’re proposing.


"I start the day on the Work Orders app to know which work orders are impacting a specific client to find out on which I will be working that day. I type the client’s name in the search box. I would like to have a quicker way to find the client, possibly a filter, so I can be sure I’m not typing the wrong name or misspelling it".

4. The stages of suggestion management

After you have provided your feedback, your suggestion will undergo a detailed analysis, following a step-by-step process based on the journey and criteria mentioned earlier. This ensures that your suggestion progresses through different stages, explained below.

You will receive regular updates on the state of your suggestion via email. Additionally, you can stay informed about the current progress by visiting Infraspeak Academy™ ('Support & Feedback' section, where you can consult the current status of your ticket and its history).

  • Received’: We received your suggestion and we’ll proceed to its analysis. You will receive an email confirming its reception.
  • Under analysis’: We’re analysing your suggestion.
  • Waiting for your reply’: We’ve analysed your suggestion and we need more information to ensure we understood the matter correctly. You’ll receive an email requesting more information. (You can also do it directly on Infraspeak Academy™.)
  • Under review’: We need to analyse your suggestion with other departments to have a deeper understanding of its implications.
  • Gathering interest’: We have accepted the suggestion, but we’re waiting for a larger pool of clients to prioritise it.
  • Waiting for development’: We have prioritised your suggestion and it is on our Engineering team's waiting list to be developed — the time can vary according to the roadmap availability.
  • Under development’: Our Engineering team has started working on it.
  • Solved’: Your suggestion has been successfully implemented or the issue has been solved.
  • Closed’: The ticket was closed.
  • Declined’: The suggestion was not accepted, based on the criteria previously explained.

We’ll notify you regarding the changes in the state of your suggestions, ensuring you’ll receive timely updates via email but remember you can check the progress of its analysis any time on Infraspeak Academy™. Throughout the process, feel free to provide your comments and relevant information at any time.

We gladly appreciate your valuable input. Thank you for helping us!