• Our Customer Care team is always happy to help you with any support queries that may arise

  • You can contact us via email or by opening a support ticket, and we will provide you with personalized solutions

  • We strive to provide you with excellent customer service and quick resolutions

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Support Terms & Conditions

Infraspeak offers support services for its web and mobile applications in accordance with the following terms:

1. Support Hours: Support is provided from 9AM to 9PM WET.

2. Ticket Submission: Customers may raise support queries by contacting Infraspeak via the Customer Portal - Infraspeak Academy, via the Infraspeak applications, and via email at

3. Support Priorities: Infraspeak's Customer Care team categorizes support tickets under four different priorities:

  • Low: Non-critical issues; no significant impact on performance of the service

  • Medium: Users' experience may be impacted, but their job function is not impaired

  • High: Questions that impact users' job functions and platform use

  • Urgent: Users aren't able to perform their job functions and the use of Infraspeak applications is degraded

4. Response and Resolution Times: Our Customer Care team aims to provide you with a first response according to the ticket’s priority:

  • Low: within 3 working hours

  • Medium: within 3 working hours

  • High: within 2 working hours

  • Urgent: within 1 working hour

Infraspeak’s Customer Care team’s goal is to resolve all support tickets within 24 working hours.

NOTE: this resolution goal does NOT apply to Development requests, i.e. tasks which involve database actions (such as recovering deleted elements and consulting logs), bulk actions, file uploads, etc.

5. Disclaimer: Please note the above priorities, timeframes and objectives are intended to provide general guidance on how Infraspeak handles support tickets. Any response times or resolution timeframes in this document are non-binding targets, and do not create any representations, warranties, obligations or liabilities. Your agreement with Infraspeak governs any use of the applicable service(s) level agreement and any related issues.