1. Open the Work orders app.

  2. Double-click on the work order you would like to share with your supplier.
    1. You can share a work order that hasn’t already been started, i.e. Not Started, or that is Paused.
    2. You cannot share a Closed or Ongoing work order.

  3. Select the supplier from the drop-down list. (You can only share the work order with suppliers already connected, identified with the Network icon).

  4. Add notes to help the supplier — i.e. there’s rust on Part XYZ. Can you clean it?

  5. Click “Share” (if the work order has not been approved, it will be approved automatically).
    1. You’ll share the work order’s location, priority, area, type, description, assets and respective tasks.
    2. After sharing, if you edit any information, it will not be shared. However, you can follow the progress of work performed by the “supplier” through the state update.
    3. Your supplier will receive an email with the work order details and a link to follow up on the Infraspeak platform.

  6. Done!