When the work orders are associated with the Assets, the Administrators or Manager users can add tasks. On this Article we will learn how to consult those tasks via our Infraspeak Mobile Application.

Step by step

1. Login at your Infraspeak Mobile.

2. Once you are in, select the Work Orders.

3. Then select the Work Order that was reported through an Asset.
To validate this information, you have to verify  below the Work Order, if displays the name of the Asset or Location in which the Work Order was originated.

4. After finding and selecting the Work Order, scroll down and click on the option "Related Equipment More Information"

5. Once you have clicked, there will be a new menu where you can find the Maintenance Category of the Asset or Location. Go ahead in select it.

6. After selecting either a Location or an Asset acordingly to your needs, you can in this new menu see the name of the Asset and its properties. If there are tasks to be performed on the Work Order, you can click the button " Corrective Maintenance" to open and visualize it.

7.  Here you can find the Work Orders that were created for this Asset and by clicking on it you can access the Work Order thoroughly.

 8 . By accessing this menu it's possible to Start a Work Order in case it wasn't and afterwards, verify the tasks that were added. 

9. You can then see what tasks were added and also add new tasks.

10. Even add unlisted tasks by clicking on your right corner below.

And you're all done!