In this article you will learn how to automatically assign Work Order types.

In Infraspeak, Work Order types can be assigned based on two criteria:

  • User - A certain type of work order can be assigned to one or more users. Thus, whenever a work order is created, the assigned users will be responsible for its monitoring, execution and resolution.

  • Technical Specialty- A work order type can also be assigned to one or more technical specialties. In this case, the users who have these will be responsible for their monitoring, execution and resolution.

For any type of work orders, both users and technical specialties can be assigned simultaneously.

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Step by Step

1. In order to create Areas and Types for your Work Orders, go to the Administration tab and then select in the Work Orders section, the option Areas and Types.

2. Once there, select the Area and then the Type of work order.

3. In the type, select the Users or Technical Specialties that you want to assign to once a work order of this particular type is created.

4. To do so, you need to tick the required check boxes.

5. To finish assigning, go to the window’s bottom right hand corner and click on Ok.