In this article you will learn how to manage your list of pause reasons by knowing how to add, edit or remove pause reasons making your list more consistent and according to your needs.

The Pause Reasons list may be associated with Work Orders to justify their pause. This way, you will know why the work order was not yet completed and why it is marked as paused, and act accordingly if needed. 

The pause reasons may be associated to the profiles in the platform:

  • Manager

  • Technician

  • User

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Step by Step

1. Log in to your Infraspeak user account. Click on the Administration Tab.

2. Go to the Work Orders Section.

3. Click on the Pause Reasons button.

4. If you want to create a pause reason, select the option New Pause Reason and new line will appear.

To save it click on the check button.

5. If you want to edit a pause reason, click on top of the pause reason you want to change or click on the pencil button in front of it. To save, just click the check button.

6. If you want to delete a pause reason, select the pause reason and click on the garbage can button at the end of the line (red button at the end).

Once you have clicked on it, a new window will appear for you to confirm if you want, in fact, to delete the pause reason. Click ok and the it won’t appear on the list anymore.

7. Finally, you may grant access to a pause reason according to the user profile. In order to do it, you just have to check/uncheck a pause reason for a profile.