Allows you to customise any report that you generate. You can customise the data, add or remove information from the header. 

Available content settings and fields differ for each report/group of reports because each draws information the company file differently. 


  • Work Orders
  • Planned Jobs
  • Audits
  • Special Jobs
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Requests
  • Stock Movements
  • Client Reports
  • Worksheet

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Step by Step

1. Go to the Settings tab and then head on over to the Reports section and click on Customize report fields.

2. In the new screen, you will see the different types of reports that exist on the platform. To customize or add a new one, select a type of report (for this example, we will use the Work Order Reports).

3. Once the type of report to be customized has been selected, there are two options you can choose from:

  • Customize/Edit a report template - To do so, click on the toolbar that says "Select report to edit"
  • Add a new report template - To do so, click on the "+" icon

4. There are two work order default reports - One fully detailed (Work Order Complete Report)  and one with resumed details (Work Order Report). The difference between them is in the information that they contain. In this article, we will customise the fully detailed template.

5. Once you have chosen the report to customize, you can now turn on and off the Access settings and the Content settings as you wish by ticking or unticking the tick boxes. Blue means settings are turned on and White means settings are turned off.

6. To change the name of the report, click on the name and enter the desired name.

7. In the Access Settings it is possible to choose if you want this report to be sent as an attachment to an email. At the same time, it is possible to define what types of users (users and/or contacts) will receive the report. As well, it is definable whether this same report can be downloaded by users with access to the Infraspeak Direct (reporting platform) or not. To select the options, you just have to click on the checkboxes.

8. The Content Settings are defined by default, but are editable at any time. Once again, to select, you just have to click on the checkboxes of the sections that we want to turn on/off or on the more detailed options.

9. If we start from the top and turn off all the content settings, we will have the following below. When you then select a section, it is broken down giving you more options and data to configure the report template.

10. Once the sections and contents of this report type have been defined, to save the changes, head to the lower right hand corner and click on Save Changes.

11. If you intend to delete a report template, at the top of the screen, on the right hand side there is a bin icon. To delete a report template, you can click on this icon with the bin.