Case Studies

We are not the only ones proud of what Infraspeak can bring to the table. Have a look at the ways some of our dear clients have managed to boost efficiency, improve results and ensure that everything works using our platform.

Hospitality Case Studies
Vidago Palace e Pedras Salgadas - 70 Rooms + 16 Houses / 2.650 Avg Monthly Failures  PDFEdit file Vila Galé - 6,476 Rooms / 3 Months Implementation Tim...
Facility Management Case Studies
Siemens - 5000 Avg Monthly Tasks / 4 Weeks Implementation Time  PDFEdit file
Technical Assistance Case Studies
Frostline - 6.000 Managed Equipment / 120 Managed Buildings  PDFEdit file Fernando Martins - 250 Managed Buildings / 2.750 Avg Monthly Tasks  PDFEd...