In this article, you will learn how to create a Cyclic Planned Job. A Cyclic Job is suitable for jobs with recurring occurrences.


1. Step-by-Step

  1. After logging in, go to the "Planned Jobs" section in the left-hand side menu. In the top menu, click on the "+Create Planned Job" button.

b. A new screen will then open and, between the different types of jobs, you will be able to choose the "Cyclical Planned Job".

c. Fill in the following information:

- Name of the plan: Name of the recurring maintenance task.
- Type: Routine, Preventive or Audit.
- Description: Optional field.
- Cost Centre: Optional field.
- Client: Choose the client with the location where the job will be carried out.
- Auto-close: Select this button if you wish for the Cyclic Planned Job to be automatically closed once all the tasks have been completed.
- "Can any user start this planned job?": Select this button if you wish for any user to be able to start the Job, or select the users according to their Technical Specialities.
- Supplier: Optional Field.
- Protect Planned Job: Select this button only if you wish to prevent changes and rescheduling of Planned Job Orders.

d. On the "Interventions" tab, select the frequency of the Planned Job Orders, their start date and time. Also check whether you need to activate the "Autopilot" button, so that all unstarted and expired Planned Job Orders (except the last PJO) will be closed automatically. Then click on "Add interventions".

e. A new panel will appear on the right. Choose the location where the Job will be carried out and, on the right-hand side, select the intervention (previously registered) for the Job in question. After this process, click on "Add Interventions".

f. On the "Notifications" tab, it is optional to send notifications before Planned Job Orders or when they are closed. Choose the user and click on "Create Planned Job".