In this article we are going to learn how to add manually tasks to an equipment or a location inside a work order


Adding a task from the task list or a one-time task to an asset

1. On the work order list, find the desired work order. 

2. It's mandatory that the Work Order is on the Ongoing state to allow the inclusion of Tasks

3. Tap on the Add task button under the desired location or equipment

4. Choose a task from the list of tasks

5. Now the task is registered to that asset and you can execute it by tapping on the Check Button

6.  Done! Your task is done and you are ready to go!

7. If the task you need doesn't exists on the Task list, you can create a one-time task, to do this you need to tap o the Add task button

8. Now tap on the Add one-time task button


9. Fill the task fields as necessary, but remember, this task will only be registered for this specific work order and asset, to add a task to the predefined tasks list, contact your manager so he can add it on the Infraspeak Platform

10. After informing the mandatory tasks info you can tap on the Add and Mark as done button 

11. The task you just created is now already registered on the asset.