This article will teach you how to configure a purchase approval flow in the Purchases App.


1.  How to configure a purchase approval flow

1. After logging into your Infraspeak account, check your "Purchases" app is turned on using the Infraspeak Hub

2. In the Purchases settings, find the "Approval Flow" settings screen:

3. Let's first configure a simple rule for purchases below 100€. In this example, everyone on the approval committee (in this case, Anna) must approve purchases of this value.:

4. Now, let's configure a more complex rule for a specific building. In this case, it was agreed that for the building "Hotel Ana":

    4.1 Every received quote above 10.000€ needs to have three alternatives for comparison 

    4.2 and there must be two approval steps: first by every member of the approval committee and then by one person from the "VIP Group", which supervises all significant purchases.

5. Something essential to consider is that when requesting an approval flow, it will try to attribute each rule by its order in the list, so be sure to order them correctly!

6. You can also disable a rule (e.g. Above 10000€) you don't want to apply anymore:

2. How to approve a quote response

1. When you receive the first quote, since it's below 100€, you can proceed directly to request approval.

2. The assigned people will receive an email reminder when approval is requested.

3. You can then Accept, Decline, or Cancel the approval request. In this case, we will decline it since it didn't meet the criteria. This will not reject the quote request outright, only send it back to the state where approval can be requested. 

The supplier gets the chance to adjust the proposal for resubmission.

4. We cannot request approval for the complex rule since we only have two replies. The pop-up message to the blocked 'Request approval' button indicates this.

5. Once we receive a third response, we can move forward with a request for the higher value quote, which would need to go through the steps outlined for our complex rule:

6. After the received quote is approved, we can see the status of the quote request and convert it into a purchase.