1. You will receive an email informing that a quote request was shared with you.

  2. On Infraspeak, go to the Quote requests app of the Sales group.

  3. Your quote requests are organised by state in the bar at the top. The 4 states are:
    1. New — where you can find the quotes requests shared with you (received).
    2. Approved — where you can find the ones you have approved. Approving quotes requests will let your client know you’re interested in replying to the quote request.
    3. Replied — where you’ll find the quote requests you have replied to. The quote you’ve sent remains associated with it. 
    4. Cancelled — where you’ll find declined quote requests and any other that were cancelled.

  4. The number of quote requests will appear next to the state label, for “New” and “Approved” states.