This is where it all starts.
Get to know Infraspeak Network™ and why you should be part of this new Infraspeak era.


1. What is Infraspeak Network™

The Infraspeak Network™ is a shared, open, collaborative workspace where facilities managers, suppliers and service providers can connect to work and communicate together.

A new age has begun. We want to change the maintenance world and revolutionise how companies collaborate with one another — that’s to say, procurement processes in large projects or everyday maintenance.

New features and buttons have been brought in to help you add intelligence, efficiency and dynamism to your maintenance and facilities management strategy — yes, that means no more unnecessary emails, phone calls, missed calls or admin!

The aim is that everyone has total control over key processes, and can achieve key goals quickly whilst keeping partners and stakeholders aligned and on the same page.

Everything happens on the Infraspeak Network™
Managers meet suppliers, service providers close more deals and ultimately, everyone stays up to date on crucial ongoings! It’s all possible in this Infraspeak work environment, perfectly organised and centralised just for you.

2. Main benefits of the Infraspeak Network™

  1. Saves time. Avoid doubling on information! This means no repeated conversations on phonecalls and emails… only to write it one more time in your proposal.

  2. Minimises human error. Cut misunderstandings and ‘oh-but-he-said’ out of your workflow. Communication failure is eliminated as everything is centralised and registered in Infraspeak, accessible whenever you need it.

  3. Focus.  No more ‘trying to keep note’ of what’s happened between emails, calls and missed calls. Less app hopping, more failure stopping! Do everything from your Infraspeak platform.

  4. Efficiency. An intuitive, convenient interaction framework where all info is automatically synchronised, and anything you want to share (or stop sharing) is just a click away.

  5. More quality. More agility, better communication and unprecedented transparency — your clients and partners will thank you for it.

  6. More opportunities and better decision-making. Access to a network of professionals will lead to exponential growth in business opportunities. As well as this, all data related to these profiles is stored in Infraspeak, helping you to make smarter decisions.

3. Infraspeak Network™ - The ultimate problem-solver 

The Infraspeak Network™ resolves other problems like:

  1. Communication problems and information loss
    With everything happening on Infraspeak, you keep a record of all shared data and documents and there’s no information loss — it’s all available and accessible when you need it. Additionally, the Messages function means all communication is centralised too! You don’t need emails or phone calls, and all decisions are registered centrally. 

  1. Lack of transparency
    It’s about to get a lot easier to analyse decision-making and study options! Imagine one quote is chosen by your team over another — you’ll be able to immediately work out why that decision was taken. Furthermore, having access to highly customisable reports will allow you to instil extra confidence in your partners and stakeholders.

  1. Lack of choice and dynamism
    You don’t have to go with the same supplier as always just because that’s “who you’ve always worked with”. Infraspeak Network™ lets you find new, and potentially better ones, in a flash.


4. Learn about the main Infraspeak Network™ features

If you’re a facilities manager or owner buying maintenance services, you’ll be able to:

  • Find new business partners — new suppliers and services

  • Share quote requests with existing or potential suppliers

  • Negotiate and communicate without even picking up the phone — everything is done through Messages

  • Receive quotes from suppliers, compare them and confidently choose the best one

  • Turn your approved, final quote into a purchase and manage it smoothly from a dedicated app (Purchases app)

  • Integrate Infraspeak with invoicing and accounting software and ERPs  

If you’re a supplier or service provider selling a service, you will be able to:

  • Find new clients and business opportunities

  • Receive quote requests and add them to your book of contacts

  • Negotiate and communicate without even picking up the phone — everything is done through Messages

  • Use Infraspeak to create or send quotes

  • Increase opportunities and business volume

  • Turn your approved, final quote into a sale and manage it smoothly from a dedicated app (Sales app)

  • Integrate Infraspeak with invoicing and accounting software

If you’re a facilities manager or owner who’s searching for an external partner for collaboration, you’ll be able to:

  • Share maintenance and service work orders and their essential information with the subcontractor directly from Infraspeak.

  • Collaborate from a shared, transparent and intuitive virtual work environment

  • Follow all work updates in real time

  • Communicate directly with your partner using the Messages function

  • Benefit from transparent, agile and auto-synchronised work processes

  • Centralise all key info on your Infraspeak — this will facilitate economic analysis, report generation and enhance integrations with other tools your company uses

If you’re a supplier or service provider who’ll complete a job with an external partner, you’ll be able to:

  • Get access to all the data you need to complete the service (work order) on your Infraspeak (either simplified or full version)

  • Work from a shared, transparent and intuitive virtual work environment where your client will be able to follow and be a part of your work progress.

  • Communicate directly with your client using the Messages function

  • Centralise all key info on your Infraspeak — this will facilitate economic analysis, report generation and enhance integrations with other tools (e.g. invoicing tools) your company uses 

  • Improve service quality automatically synched updates to create a transparent service that keeps your client well informed and with total visibility 

5. Do my suppliers need to be Infraspeak clients?

Nope! Quite the contrary. They’ll be given access to a simplified version of Infraspeak.

That being said, in order to enjoy the full, personalised and integrated experience, they will need an advanced version of Infraspeak, but it is not mandatory.

The Infraspeak Network™ is accessible to everyone — no limits, no exceptions. The whole maintenance world will have access to a new way of working, one based on collaboration, agility, synchronicity and efficiency! 

The Infraspeak Network™ connects our platform users and offers a simplified version of Infraspeak to anyone who isn’t yet a client, but wants to improve their service quality for clients.

6. The Infraspeak Network™ workflow

From quote request to executed maintenance 

The biggest benefit of the Infraspeak Network™ is the ability to share work with your partners and suppliers from a common workspace. 

Let’s make this a bit easier with some personas:

Client: Marina Maintenance Ltd. — Facility management company

Supplier 1: HVAC Rocky— AVAC service provider

Supplier 2: Clean Air’us— Climate and air quality company

Supplier 3: FairAirCare — Air conditioning company

6.1 Sharing a quote request

  1. A problem is detected in one of the air-con units in one of Marina Maintenance’s buildings.

  2. The facility manager at Marina needs to quickly find a specialist company to fix the problem before it gets worse.

  3. They enter Infraspeak, clicking on the Quote Request app in the Purchases app, and create a new quote request with all relevant information — this includes material lists; required services and the respective quantities of each that are needed in order to fix the AC unit.

  4. After creating the quote request, the manager is ready to choose which suppliers he wants to send it to:
    HVAC Rocky — Marina’s regular supplier who they already work with. They receive the quote request on their simplified Infraspeak account.
    Clean Air’ Us — A new supplier they found on the Infraspeak Network™. The manager at Clean Air’ Us accepts the connection request.
    FairAirCare — Another supplier they’ve worked with in the past. They receive the quote request on their Infraspeak platform.

6.2 Sharing quotes

  1. After they all receive the quote request and analyse what needs to be done, HVAC Rocky and Clean Air’ Us respond and say click ‘Approve Quote Request’ and proceed with a quote.

    FairAirCare doesn’t have any free technicians and so can’t proceed. They click ‘Decline Quote Request’ and provide a quick written explanation for the FM at Marina.

  2. HVAC Rocky and Clean Air’ Us each prepare a response to the quote request, filling in the details of their quote.

    HVAC Rocky sends a few messages to Marina Maintenance explaining what the added “travel costs” line in the quote means.

  3. Both quotes are shared with the FM at Marina Maintenance.

  4. After cross-checking both proposals, the FM decides to Accept Clean Air’ Us’ quote. When he clicks this button, HVAC Rocky’s quote is automatically refused, and Mr. Rocky is informed his quote was turned down.

6.3 Buy and sell

  1. The FM turns the accepted quote into a purchase. From here, his colleague, Sarah, takes over and orchestrates managing the quote internally from the ERP system their company uses, which happens to be integrated with Infraspeak!

  2. When Clean Air’ Us sees their quote was approved, they turn it into a sale. An invoice is automatically sent to Marina Maintenance thanks to their invoicing software integration with Infraspeak.

6.4 Sharing work orders

  1. With all the commercial terms of the maintenance job agreed, Marina Maintenance can now share the work order relating to the AC unit failure. This includes the location, the priority and the work order area, type and description. The relevant assets and tasks are also shared by Marina.

  2. Clean Air’ Us receives the work order, analyses all the information and clicks “Approve”. This status update is reflected on the Marina FM’s Infraspeak account.

  3. Clean Air’ Us executes all tasks and when finished, clicking “Close” on the work order to inform Marina’s FM that the maintenance work is finished.

  4. After checking everything is ok, the FM at Marina Maintenance sends a message to Clean Air’ Us thanking them for their hard work and confirming that they’re happy with the work. The FM then clicks “Confirm” to conclude the work order.