This article will help you with the following topics:

  1. How to set up the Infraspeak Direct mobile app

  2. Who can use Infraspeak Direct

  3. How to report failures via this app

  4. Usability tips and best practices

Infraspeak Direct is an app you can use to report and keep track of your work orders (failures) for corrective maintenance. It allows all staff members to report directly to the platform, improving communication and reacting faster to requests. Every contact that was provided by an administrator with Infraspeak Direct access can use Infraspeak Direct.

Setting up Infraspeak Direct 

1. In the Google Play Store, install the Infraspeak Direct App on your Android phone;

2. Open the app and sign in

Reporting Failures

1. Press the REPORT FAILURE button;

2. Choose the location where the failure is; 

3. Fill in all the information - the Area, Type and Priority are mandatory. 

4. In addition, you can add photos of the failure and a description. 

4. Click REPORT NEW FAILURE and that is it!