This article describes step-by-step how to associate a User to a Building in the Infraspeak web platform.

Associating a User to a Building is a feature that allows administrators to manage which managers, technicians or operators are associated with each building and will be able to view their Corrective and/or Preventive Maintenance jobs.

Step by Step

1. Log into the Infraspeak web platform.

2. Once logged in, on the left hand side menu, select the Settings tab.

3. In the next window, find the option “Buildings and Locations“.

4. Once on the Buildings page, to edit the settings of one of the existing Buildings, click on the three dots next to the building you wish to edit, and choose "Edit".

5. In the building details, navigate to the "Associated Users" section.

6.  There you can add the names of the users we wish to associate with this building, by clicking on the button with the figure and "+" sign.

7. To finalize the association of users to the building, click on the "Save Changes" button on top.