In this article you will learn the difference between Planned Jobs and Planned Job Orders and how to view them in the Infraspeak platform.


Scheduling a job requires the existence of a maintenance plan, and a Planned Job is a set of tasks to be performed on an equipment or a location.

Planned Job Orders are the practical visits of the maintenance technician to the equipment or location.

In practice, let's imagine that we have a restaurant and we want an external supplier to perform maintenance on an AC system of a kitchen every three months. What we do in the Infraspeak platform is schedule a job that will be repeated every quarter and, as a result, we have a scheduled job in the Planned Jobs tab:

The Planned Job Orders, on the other hand, are the actual visits of the technician to the equipment or location. Thus, from the previously scheduled Planned Job we will have as many Planned Job Orders as defined by the periodicity of the scheduled job, as can be seen in the following image: