This article describes the different user profiles that are available in Infraspeak.


There are 5 profiles for users who are considered internal in Infraspeak:

  • Administrator: This profile has global access permissions such as creating or deleting users, managing buildings, managing clients, and managing the entity itself. It can edit all settings. It is usually assigned to the person responsible for the configuration and parameterization of the software.

  • Manager: This account type is intended for people who have the role of supervising the operation and managing the planning of teams. Compared to the Administrator account, the Manager account has limitations, such as: it cannot edit entity settings, cannot create or delete users, cannot configure reports, and cannot add apps to Infraspeak. On the other hand, Administrator users can grant this account permission to create/edit new maintenance categories, buildings and locations, clients, work order areas and types. In addition, the manager account can create equipment, report/edit work orders, schedule preventive jobs, assign work orders and planned job orders to technicians and manage the technicians' calendars. It is generally assigned to maintenance managers, for operation planning and supervision.

  • Technician: This account type is meant for operational profiles, people who are in the field and perform maintenance, so their access to system settings is restricted. It does, however, have permissions to report work orders, perform corrective and preventive work, create and edit equipment and, if granted permission by an Administrator account, it can create and manage clients and locations. This profile was designed for technicians to create and resolve new work orders, and perform tasks in preventive planned jobs.

  • Operator: Specific user profile to use the Infraspeak Operations app, in which the Operator user is associated with a location and automatically gets access to all the assets, planned jobs and work orders that exist in that location. Managers/Administrators can assign planned jobs and work orders to operators. Unlike the technician account, the operator account cannot perform tasks and measurements inside planned job orders. This type of account can only report whether it has completed a given planned job or work order.

  • Reporter: This account type is intended for people internal to the operation, who will have the task of reporting work orders. Although this type of account is created for people inside the operation, they will use the Infraspeak Direct app and their permissions are to report new work orders and consult the status of the work orders and planned job orders in the buildings and clients to whom they have been given access. The settings of this type of account can be configured internally in Infraspeak by users with Administrator profile.