In this article you will understand how to create and manage different sales in different states.

After the operational closure of a Job or a Work Order, there may be a need to carry out a sale of certain materials or services.

Step by Step

1. Within a Planned Job Order or Work Order you must access the Financial Data, through the preview (1st image) or through the details (2nd image), and click on Create Sale.

Note: The following images refer to Work Orders. In Planned Job Orders, the steps are exactly the same.

2. A new window will open where you should put:

  • General sales information (Internal/External sales ID, observations)

  • Sale items (description, quantity, unit, unit price, VAT, discount)

Note: If you simply closed the sale, it will be created as a Draft. So, you will need to process it to continue.

3. Once the Sale is created, go to the left side menu and select the Sales module. Once in the module, you can see sales created as a draft. To continue the process, you must open a sale.

4. When opening the desired sale, go to the top left of the window and click on Process Sale. It will no longer be in Drafts and become Active.

5. To continue the process, enter the Sale and click Complete in the upper left corner. It will go from Active to Completed.

6. To finish processing the Sale, enter it and click on the Confirm option in the upper left corner.

The sale will be complete and confirmed. You can view your confirmation using the checkmark shown in the completed sales list.

The sales process can be adapted to your workflow as follows:
Sale Completed = Sale for which the invoice was sent;
Confirmed Sale = Sale has been paid