Through the mobile application, technicians can make requests for materials, services and quotes, which will later be managed by managers on the Infraspeak web platform.

The Purchase Order Management in Infraspeak is the easiest way to report and manage orders and requests referring to breakdowns or jobs, made by technicians for managers. There are three categories of orders that can be easily registered in Infraspeak:

  • Material Requests
  • Quote Requests
  • Service Requests

As simple as reporting a malfunction, while on-site the technician can access the requests module and register for the manager. You can easily request quotes for equipment or location and service requests. If you need some material to complete the job, you can select it directly from the stock list and, in a few seconds, the manager will already have access to the requisition.

Step by Step

1. After logging into your Infraspeak account, in the left sidebar you should click on “Add Application” to access the Infraspeak Hub.

2. Within the Infraspeak Hub click on “connect” in the box referring to Requests.

3. After installing the application, open the Infraspeak app on your mobile phone and choose a work order or planned job order.

4. Press the "Requests" button. In the new window, the pending and closed requests concerning this work order/planned job order will appear, if any, and the button "New request".

5. In the new window, select the request type:

  • Material

  • Service

  • Other (for example, if you need to order material that has not yet been created in Infraspeak)

Fill in the priority field according to the urgency of the order. You can also add photos and a description.

If you have selected the requisition of materials, click on "Add material" and choose the desired one in the tree diagram that presents the existing ones.

6. Finally, click on “Confirm and create new requisition”. In the app's main menu, on the Requests tab, all the requests created will appear.