In this article, you will learn how to create a warehouse in Infraspeak, in order to be able to track, in a simple and efficient way, the entry, movement and exit of the consumables used in your operations.

Infraspeak's stock management module allows you to constantly keep up-to-date the quantity of materials and tools in warehouses, through integration with their consumption during works, breakdowns, maintenance tasks and requests, and with purchases processed through the platform.

This module allows you to create warehouses and material types, view the existing materials in each location, move stock between warehouses, manually add or deduct stock. Additionally, it provides management with a tool to detect the need to restock items at risk of stockouts, preventing the stoppage of maintenance operations.

Step by Step

1. After logging into your Infraspeak account, in the left-hand side menu you should click on “Add App” to access the Infraspeak Hub.

2. Within the Infraspeak Hub click on “connect” in the box referring to Stock Management.

3. After installing the application, on the left-hand sidebar click on the Stock module.

4. To create a new warehouse, click on the wheel button at the top, then on Manage Warehouses.

5. In the new window, click on “New Warehouse”. Another window will appear, with the following information that must be filled in:

  • Name

  • Code

  • Responsible Person

  • Address (optional)

  • Observations (optional)

Note: It is possible to control the settings that allow a user to be able to view, or not, warehouses. To do this, go to Settings > select the user to edit > in the Settings tab, choose whether the user will be able to view all warehouses or only those for which he is responsible. On the General tab, you will have to assign the Current Working Warehouse that the user should be associated with.

6. Finally, click “OK” and your warehouse will be added.