In this article, you will learn how to create a work schedule on the Infraspeak web platform, which you can then use to apply to SLA definitions.

Step by Step

1. Log in to your Infraspeak account and, in the left sidebar, click on “Settings”.

2. Then go to the “Calendars” box and click on Manage.

3. On the new page, click on “+ New Calendar”:

4. In the calendar creation window, you must name it and select the days you want to add to it. To do this, put a check mark in the box found before the day. Then define the start and end times you want to assign to it (if you want to select 24 hours a day, check the “All day” option).

5. Finally, click OK and you will be taken to the main window, where you will be able to see the work schedules already existing in your account.