In this article, you will learn how to access and use the Infraspeak Hub to improve your businesses maintenance operations.

On the Infraspeak platform there are 3 stores available:

  • Infraspeak Hub - allows a customization of Infraspeak according to the client's needs, being possible to enable/disable applications.

  • Integrations Store - allows to expand functionalities beyond Infraspeak, making it available to other softwares integrable with the platform.

  • IoT Solutions Store - allows the adding IoT solutions to our customers through the use of a vast range of sensors and solutions.

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Step by Step

1. Login to your Infraspeak platform.

2. Select the Settings tab and headover to the section called Infraspeak Hub.

3. In Infraspeak Hub, you will have a series of applications available from which you can choose to download and start using at that moment.

4. In Infraspeak Hub, in addition to downloading an application, you can also see which applications are already downloaded and which are already in use.

5. Each application has a brief explanation but, by clicking on one, more details will come be available. In addition to seeing a context of the app, by clicking on it in the panel, you can activate/download the app at the moment.

6. To disable an app, just click on the enabled app and click on the Connected button to disconnect the app.