In this article, you will be able to understand and learn more about preventive indicators in Infraspeak by filtering data and grouping it in various ways.

Preventive Maintenance indicators have a direct correlation with preventive maintenance that differs from corrective maintenance. With this in mind, let's look at how to manage and manipulate information within the Infraspeak platform so that you can analyze the data in a way that is the most relevant to your business.

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Step by Step

1. Go to the Analytics tab on the left hand side menu.

2. Select the Planned Jobs Indicator.

3. Then filter the data according to what you need by indicating for which Client and which Building within the client you want to analyze. Don´t forget to add a time interval for which you want the information to be provided (optional).

4. The information is displayed by default.

5. In any graphic or numerical information within the Analytics Module, you can group the information according to different criteria that can be defined by you and according to your needs.
You can group the information according to different criteria by clicking the group button. Then a new window will appear with the available options to filter down your data.
Suppose you chose to analyze your data by planned job type. A new graph will appear (without deleting the previous one) merging the information from Planned Jobs by status and their planned job type.

More than two filters can be applied when combining information to get a new chart, but to do so, you must initially combine two filters, then combine these two with a third, and so on.