In this article, you will be able to understand how to validate the activity of a Planned Job and how to sign it before submitting it, all this in the mobile application.

Guarantee an extra layer of trust to all interventions by adding a signature to the corresponding reports.Trust is paramount in every business relationship.

Available for the following modules:

  • Work Orders

  • Planned Jobs

  • Special Works

Besides a digital signature technicians can also add a background image like a picture of the equipment intervened or a selfie with the manager.

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Step by Step

1. Login to your Infraspeak mobile app.

2. Go to the the Calendar tab.

3. In the Calendar, you can find 3 tabs, one with Planned jobs, another with Active planned jobs, and one with Completed planned jobs. To validate a Planned Job you must select the desired Planned Work Order (occurrence) in the Complete tab.

4. In the Planned Work Order it is possible to validate a series of information about the job order.

5. On this screen, it is possible to select the following options to validate or add information:

  • Show Summary - This summary allows you to see the details of the work such as what date and times the job took, the tasks completed and consumed materials.

  • Documents and photos - allows you to see if photos, videos or documents were added. At the same time you can attach any if necessary

  • Observations - you can see which observations have been added or add a new one if necessary

  • Other costs - allows you to see what costs have been added or add a new cost

  • More information - allows you to see general information about the job, Client, Contacts, Locations, Scheduled date and time, Planned job estimated time, details of the intervention, among others.

6. Once the job is closed, you can also sign the report. To do so, you must select the option Sign Report.

7. Once selected, you can enter the name of the person who is signing the job, as well as collecting the signature on the mobile device screen.

8. Once signed, the report can be sent (no signature required to send). For that, select the Send Report option.

9. Once on the new screen, you can see certain information about the Planned Job, as well as other fields to complete/fill in:

  • More information - Here you can find details about the scheduled job

  • Select a report to preview - Here you can select from the created templates and if you click the button on the front, you can preview the report directly on your smartphone

  • Send email with reporto to - Here you can select between the users and contacts you have or you can write another email

10. So, once all the fields have been filled in, click on Send Report at the bottom of the screen. Then confirm your action.

Congratulations, you are done! You’ve signed the report and successfully sent an email with the report attached!