In this article, you will learn how to complete a planned job through the Infraspeak mobile app.

In order to complete a Planned Job the following should be considered:

  • Configured Planned Job - A preventive maintenance job has been configured to be run/performed

  • Start the Planned Job - Once the planned date has arrived, it's time to focus on completing the preventive maintenance

  • Add Information - You can add information such as photos, messages, additional costs and others.

  • Pause/Resume - Throughout the flow, the Planned Job may be paused due to various reasons and resume as soon as the reason for the pause is exceeded.

  • Complete the Job - Planned Job is completed and closed after maintenance is done.

  • Validate and Confirm - Once the Planned Job has been completed and closed, a new level of supervision can be added by validating and confirming that the Job has been completed accordingly.

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Step by Step

1. Login to your account on the mobile app.

2. Once you have logged in, click on the Calendar tab.

3. In the Calendar you can find 3 tabs, one with scheduled Planned Jobs, another with Active Planned jobs, and one with Completed Planned Jobs.

4. To start a Planned Job, you need to select the desired Planned Job Order.

5. Once the Planned Job Order has started, the tasks to be completed will appear (if they exist). To see the tasks click the play button Start planned job *necessary to start registering tasks.

6. In the Task List you can see the tasks that are pending in an asset or a location, according to the interventions configured in Preventive Job:

  • Green - Preventive Maintenance Tasks

  • Red - Corrective Maintenance Tasks/Work Orders

7. Once the asset has been selected from the task list, you will be able to see the pending maintenance to be completed. To run the Planned Job, you must choose the Preventive Maintenance option.

8. Once you have selected preventive maintenance, you can see what tasks you have to perform. Existing tasks are compliant so you don't have to enter each of them. You can simply complete it by clicking the check icon.

9. Clicking on the icon changes the task from Pending to Executed.

10. You can also enter a task to provide more detailed information, if necessary or required. On this screen you can view or fill in the following information: 

  • Task

  • Description

  • Expendable materials

  • Multimedia

  • Task observations

  • Task status

11. Once the tasks are closed and completed, if we return to the Task List screen, we can see that there are no pending tasks in any asset or location.

12. In the active job screen, once everything has been executed and filled in, to complete, select the option Finish planned Job. In addition, it is possible to understand that the completion is 100%. If one or more tasks were not completed, the job order could be finished anyway but the percentage would not be at 100%.