In this article you will learn how to create a Planned Job. Also, you will understand how to associate a client and its locations to it, as well as the details required to create one such as interventions, schedule dates, jobs' visibility regarding users and technical specialties, among others.

There are 3 types of Planned Jobs:

  • Planned Jobs: Create maintenance plans on a yearly basis

  • Cyclic Planned Jobs: Interventions that repeat over time

  • Special Job: A one-time planned job. Use this when you need a certain job done only once.

To create a Planned Job you need to associate at least one intervention to it. You may create planned jobs with more than one intervention and schedule them for different moments in time and with different periodicities.

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Step by Step

1. Go to Planned Jobs and select the top left corner option +Create Planned Job.

2. A new window will open. Now, select the type Planned Job.

3. Once you have selected the first planned job a new window will open. This window is the General tab where you need to provide the following information:

  • What should we call this plan? - Plan’s Name

  • Type of job: Audit; Preventive

  • Description (Optional)

  • Cost Center (Optional)

  • Client - Define the client and the locations where you want the job to be performed

  • Auto-close - Select if you want the planned job to be closed automatically once all tasks are completed

  • Can any user start this planned job? - Select if you want any user to start the job or select the users (according to technical specialty if wanted) who are able to do so

  • Supplier (Optional)

4. Move from the General Tab to the Interventions Tab on top. Here, you have to specify the interventions and their details.

To add the interventions, go to the left top corner and click in +Add Intervention.

A new panel on the right will pop-up for you to select the intervention depending on the equipment type.

Then, once the intervention(s) is selected you may choose the following job details:

  • Yearly frequency - how many times the intervention happens in a given year. You can do it manually by clicking in the squares or you can do it automatically by clicking the calendar button and chossing the frequency

  • Monthly Details - Day of the month when the job is going to be performed

  • For how many years the job is planned

5. Once all job details are introduced, go to the right bottom corner and click on Create Planned Job

Congrats!!! You have planned a job in a specific client/building, which will happen in the locations defined and the assets of those locations.

Note: There is also the possibility to apply intervention definitions by equipment and policy.
If you Apply by Equipment, instead of setting the definitions for an entire type of equipment, you are now able to apply definitions to each specific asset under that equipment type.