In this article you will see how you can create/add Measurements in an equipment category through the Infraspeak web platform.

Measurements can automatically generate Work Orders according to their definition.

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Step by Step

1. Go to the Settings tab and then head on over to the Maintenance section and click on Settings.

2. Then, to access a type of equipment you need to select it and in the Type of Equipment section, click Edit. This can also be done when you are adding a new type of equipment.

3. Once in the category details of the equipment, select the Measurements tab.

4. In that tab, to create a Measurement, click on + New Measurement.

5. A new window will open. Here, you will need to fill in the following fields:

  • Measurement Type - select from the available types (by choosing the type, the information to be entered will be adjusted immediately):
    - Value Range
    - Cumulative
    - Multiple Choice
    - Audit
    - Text field

  • Measurement name

6. To finish and save the Measurement you need to click on Add. Once several measurements have been added, a list like the one below will be visible.

7. After you have added the Measurements, and added your tasks, you can link the Measurements with the Tasks. To do so, it's necessary that you go to the Tasks and Interventions tab, select and enter a task. Then a window like the following will appear:

8. In order to link the Measurements with Tasks, all you have to do is tick the selected tick boxes to turn on the measurements in that specific task.

9. Once you have selected the measurements you want to link to your Task you can now save these settings by clicking on Edit maintenance task.