In this article you will learn how to create an Asset in the Infraspeak platform. Also, you will understand how to associate locations to an asset as well as to define its category and its details regarding different aspects (technical and financial).

In order for you to create an asset you need to have defined beforehand its location and its category. Once you have chosen the category, the asset will automatically get the equipment type’s configurations defined previously such as: 

  • Characteristics
  • Policies
  • Tasks
  • Interventions 

Note: Provide a different code to each asset that belongs to the same equipment category/type, so you may differentiate among them.

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Step by Step

1. In order for you to create an asset, select Assets, in the left Menu.

2. Once there, go to the top left corner and select +Create Asset.

3. A new panel should appear on the right. Now, select where the asset is located according to your structure.

4. After selecting the asset’s location, click Next on the bottom right corner.

5. Then, select the asset’s category, given the asset categories created in your platform.

6. After selecting the asset’s category, click Next on the bottom right corner.

7. Once you have select the asset’s location and category, you’ll input the asset’s details.

  • Image

  • Asset location

  • Asset category

  • Asset code

  • Maintenance policy

  • Description (optional)

8. Once the information is introduced, there are 3 more sections (all optional) below that can be edited.

  • Technical information

  • More information (optional)

  • Financial data (optional)

10. Then, once all is filled-in according to your needs, on the right bottom corner, click on Submit to finish creating the asset.