In this article you will be able to understand how to link location types to soft maintenance.

Linking Location types to Soft Maintenance allows the defined maintenance to be carried out on the selected types of locations.

Example: Imagine that maintenance is created in a place for a light bulb in a building. It's normal not to inventory every light bulb in that building. Therefore, linking the maintenance in the lighting location with different types of locations means that each location of the selected types will have this lighting maintenance, since there are several locations in a building with light bulbs that need maintenance.

Step by Step

1. Login to the Infraspeak Web platform.

2. Once logged in, on the left hand side menu, select the Administration tab.

3. In the Administration tab, head to the Maintenance section, click on Settings.

4.  Then, to access the maintenance in place you must head to the Soft Maintenance and select it, click on Edit. Of course, this definition can be used to create maintenance on a location.

5. Once selected, a new window will open. In order to link the Location Types to this Soft Maintenance, the Location types must be addressed.

6. Now, we have to select which Location Types we want to have linked to this maintenance. All you need to do is tick the selected location boxes.

7. Once you've ticked the selected locations, click on the OK button. These configurations mean that all the locations with this Location Type will be affected by the settings made in this Soft Maintenance.