This article is a step-by-step how to create technical specialities and how to associate them with a technician.

Technical skills allow you to create a layer of filters, and through that filter you can assign tasks/jobs to a group of technicians for example or hide those tasks/jobs from those who do not have the required technical skill/speciality. Therefore, specialities define a set of skills or technical knowledge that each technician has.

Step by Step

1. Login to the Infraspeak web platform.

2. Once logged in, on the left-hand side menu, select the Settings tab.

3. In the selected window, find the option“ User account and technical skill” and click on “Technical Skills”.

4. Then find the “+ New Technical Skill” button on the top bar. Click this button to add a new skill.

5. In the next window, define a name for the technical speciality you are adding.

6. Once completed, add your new technical speciality by clicking the button at the bottom Save Changes.