This article describes step by step how to create a new user on the Infraspeak platform. In addition, it allows the understanding of the types of existing users and what initial information can be attributed to them:

There are 4 different user profiles:

  • Administrator - This profile has global access permissions. You can edit any setting. It is usually assigned to the person responsible for setting up and configuring the software.

  • Manager - This profile can't edit entity definitions, nor create/edit users. With permission from an administrator user, you can create/edit new maintenance categories, buildings and locations, customers, areas and ticket types. The ability to create/edit new Work Orders, Preventive jobs and Equipment. Generally assigned to managers for planning and supervising the operation.

  • Technician - This profile has more of an operational function which limits access to all system administration settings. However, it has the ability to create and edit any equipment. You can, with authorization, edit/create new locations. User profiles for technicians allows them to create new work orders, complete them and perform tasks under preventive jobs.

  • Operator - Specific profile for accessing the Infraspeak Operations.

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Step by Step

1. Login to the Infraspeak web platform.

2. Once logged in, on the left hand side menu, select the Settings tab.

3. In the next window, find the option “User accounts and technical skills” and click on “Users”.

4. Then you will see a window with the list of users. In the upper left corner of that list you will see the “+ New User” button. Click this button to add a new user.

5. In the new window you will have to fill in some mandatory fields on the General tab, such as name, email, account type, new password, repeat new password. Feel free to complete the other information spaces, for example with phone numbers and add a profile photo.

6. At the end, click on “Add user” in the lower right-hand corner.