This article will help you with the following topics:

  1. How to filter Information
  2. How to Apply Filters
  3. How to Remove Filters
  4. How to manipulate the information presented → Columns show/hide

Filters may be used in a variety of different menus across the Infraspeak platform. 
The way they function is the same in most menus.

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Adding a Filter

1. Choose a tab.

Choose a tab

2. Look to the top left and click on the Filter button. You will be able to manage the information shown in the table.

3. Look to the top right corner and click on the Column button. You will be able to manage the columns that compose the table.

4. Apply them.

Removing a Filter

1. Press [x] on the filter on the top.

2. Remove it from the list in the Filter areas and make a new search.